(via urbanartforbeginners)

“This week see’s the release of Obey’s Protestor image used on the front of Time magazine as the ‘person of the year’.

In so many ways this print release portrays both the  best and worst of urban art in today’s world. First the positives, the proceeds go to the Occupy Movement, which is, a cause worthy of help especially if it’s being helped unwittingly by those who’d have little to no interest in what it stands for. It’s also a good opportunity for people to find out a little about the Occupy Movement and the world around them.

As for the negatives, on an image level it’s all rather anaemic stating little about anything, an every woman ‘cool’ protestor hardly provocative in nature and possibly not really leading to any further analysis other than a slightly urban edgy picture for the study. It’s also not helped that it’s a product of the Obey production line which sometimes feels closer to the 1% than the 99%, however worthy the message tries to be.

Get out there and read a bit on the Movement, for some it may help understand why the urban art world is crumbling.”