(via Voina Group)

Artists and journalists around the world! Members of art institutions! Еmployees of 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art!

This is a call for support from the art collective Voina. The dire situation surrounding the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art has forced us to resort to such extreme measures.


The project team listed Voina as one of the participants but this was done against our will! Moreover, this exhibition will feature counterfeit and fake works, which have no relation to us, as well as works that were stolen from Voina while members of the group were in prison.


The organizers, ZHIR gallery and ARTPLAY Center, have included us in their project ‘Media Impact. International Festival of Activist Art’ by deceptive means, fraudulently and against our will. They intend to showcase fakes, imitations and plagiarism under the name of Voina. The works presented have nothing to do with our group! They are obviously doing this on purpose, since this is not the first time they have attempted these antics. We have repeatedly appealed to the organizers asking them not to include us in the event. We categorically refuse to participate in the rotten and corrupt business of the Moscow Biennale, which seeks to maintain a facade of art life in Russia before the international community.


However, our right of refusal and non-participation has been violated, and our work stolen. In addition to stolen works, the organizers intend to present fakes under the name of Voina.


We call upon you help us deal with this legal absurdity and blatant thievery, cynically organized and implemented by official curators of the biennale against the artists, devoid of any legal ways to influence the situation.

We urge you to boycott the Moscow Biennale, an organization mired in total corruption, blatant fraud and endless deception.