(via urbanphoto)                                             (photo by Marc Shiller)

“In response to the police pursuit of a young artist who sprayed pro-Ai Wei Wei stencil graffiti around Hong Kong, several other artists took those stencils, printed them on a film and taped them to a light projector, which they shinedonto MTR platforms, roadways and the walls of police stations and even the local headquarters of the People’s Liberation Army. It was a manifestly legal street art intervention: nothing was damaged and there was no trace left from the graffiti, except in the minds of passersby.

Incredibly, though, despite the fact that the Hong Kong police have stated that projection graffiti is “not a criminal offence,” the Chinese army has objected to the intervention, arguing that it is illegal to project pictures against a PLA garrison wall. It warns ominously that “the PLA reserves its legal right to act.” Consider it a statement that both confounds MacDonald’s argument and confirms the political, social and cultural relevance of street art.”